The Rest Is Just Noise

Urban Sound Symposium 2023

July 18, 2023 Andrew Mitchell, Francesco Aletta, Tin Oberman Season 2 Episode 12
The Rest Is Just Noise
Urban Sound Symposium 2023
Show Notes

Your hosts Francesco, Andrew and Tin went to the 3rd edition of the Urban Sound Symposium, locally organised by researchers at La Salle Campus Barcelona this April.

As expected, it was a truly lovely event featuring the protagonists of the most recent developments in the field, some of which we have already had the honour of hosting in our previous episodes, such as Aural Diversity with John Drever, Ep.No.9 with Prof Gascia Ouzuonian and Dr Ruth Bernatek, Ep.4 "Musikiosk, Misters, and More!" with Dan Steele and Edda Bild and Up and Down the Soundscape Scales with Sarah Payne!

So for today we are giving you 9 short interviews with some fantastic presenters in the poster section (Richard Yanaky,  Josep Lorca-Bofi, Merel Ursem, Trond Maag, Sven Anderson, Marc Freixes, Laura Estévez-Mauriz), Rosa Alsina Pagès as the organiser and Edda Bild as the organiser of the Early Careers Professionals in Sound Workshop...  with Pierre Aumond and Tin on the piano.

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